I’M GLAD YOU ASKED BECAUSE I NEEDED SOMEONE TO ASK ME. Okya, so yesterday I got a bad eye infection out of the blue and spent 4 hours in a hospital where I freaked out because I had another eye infection back in 2010 that made my eye look like a black eye and this current one was looking like that. Well, back then that eye infection almost made me lose my eyesight. The one I have right is just a stye & it hopefully goes away this weekend. It really bothers me, so I can’t concentrate on writing right now. Unfortunately. 

Anonymous: What kind of boyfriend do you think jack g would be like??





damn i think dating gilinsky would be a non-stop thrill ride. i can totally see him being really goofy and constantly making fun of your voice just to be funny and you would make fun of him right back for doing douchebag things and wearing douchebag clothes to go out. partying would be a big thing for y’all and y’all would definitely go to a lot of parties to hang out with his friends and your friends. he wouldn’t be very pda at all but he would gladly hold your hand and give you an occasional kiss on the cheek if that because he’s just not into any of the “lovey dovey crap” at all and you could never convince him otherwise. he would be SO protective over you and if any of the fans, his friends, or his family did something to hurt you, he would defend you to his last breath because he doesn’t play with that shit. and y’all would definitely have a lot of deep talks about life, school, sports, religion, and all kinds of other topics and he would just let you win the fights even though he knows he’s right.

but if y’all get into fights, it would be a horrific screaming match because he has a VERY hot temper and he will scream until his lungs give out, as will you. and then it would lead to tears and him occasionally punching a wall and then he would just feel so bad and he would actually break down and cry and you would feel bad and y’all would have make-up sex right there on the couch.

oh.. the sex.. the sex would be so fucking fantastic. y’all would be the couple that would try anything from bondage to new sex positions to even being risky and doing nasty acts in public, even if he isn’t a pda kind of guy. “it’s different when it comes to sex babe” is what he would always tell you and you would just roll your eyes and go with it. public bathrooms at concerts, movie theaters, even family get-togethers for christmas and thanksgiving—no matter where y’all go, he just can’t keep his hands off of you when he’s in the mood. but every now and then, he would have slow sex if it was for an important event such as an anniversary (good or bad) or something like that.

you would definitely be “baby girl ☺️😍😘💘💖” in his phone and he would most certainly be “guh-linn-skee 😏😍😘” in yours and UGH THIS IS MY KIND OF RELATIONSHIP OKAY I NEED THIS MORE THAN I NEED AIR THIS IS A FUCKING PROBLEM.

im like hyperventilating rn i want this so bad omg i cant


Fuck this shit I’m done 🙌

this made me feel like I actually dated him….i’m really not fine at all


Harry Styles Fanfic

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Anonymous: Why did your story go from ch.6 to 8?

OMG I DIDN’T NOTICE! But I didn’t skip an actual chapter. I must have confused the numbers only.