Anonymous: Omg. Can you write a jack and jack threesome imagine? Sorry if that's weird.

I can and I will do it, but after I finish writing my fanfic. So if you’re patient with me, thanks :) Anyone can request and I’ll write it on my notes

jackftmatt: Yesss, thankyou for the Jack g smut, I was the requester hahaha 😏

No problem :) I hope you liked it and sorry it took so long!

Anonymous: Tbh I don't think your teacher is out of line a goal is something you can work towards and plan actual steps to achieve, being a U girl is mostly luck and down to chance

You have a point, but I she didn’t have to be rude about it. It’s  the way she said it that pissed me off. She could have asked if she had any other goals rather than laughing at her.

A teacher told my friend that her goal was just a dream. That it wasn’t possible. We want to prove her wrong.

On Thursday, August 28, my friend had a ‘goal class’. The teacher made us write our goals down, so my friend wrote down that she wanted to be U Girl for Austin’s concert on September 10th. The teacher looked at her paper and laughed and said, “That’s not gonna happen. There’s no way you can plan that to happen, so find another goal, and make it realistic.” It was really rude on her part. My friend wanted to cry so bad. We want to prove her wrong, but I need help from as many people as I can get help from. Please reblog and if you have a Twitter account, please RT the tweet on the link:

I want nothing more than to prove the teacher wrong. I want to take a picture of my friend on stage being seranated by Austin. I want my friend to show that picture to her teacher and tell her it was possible. It’s not just about proving the teacher wrong, but it would mean the world to my friend if she was U Girl.

If you can, please tweet: #RosyForUGirlSept10 @RoccoValdes @blumsteinmike @CPasalodos

Please help us. Even if you’re not a fan of Austin or a fangirl, the teacher had no right to say what she did.